The room smells amazing with the fragrance from Karma Candles

Karma candles smell amazing. I am a candle addict and try a lot of different brands looking for one that meets my expectations which Karma candles do. Karma candles have a lasting fragrance and are clean burning.

Karma candles are Soy Wax which will burn down cleanly and completely, will not soot or smoke nor will it leave soot marks on the glass or tin.

I was delighted with the fresh scent of citrus. Burning a zesty candle immediately creates an atmosphere of wide-open windows, deep blue skies, streaming sunshine and billowy clouds.

The whole experience of luxury, that comes from Karma Candles will delight. The sophisticated elegance of the box makes Karma candle a memory making gift that will delight your dearest friend. Filling their home with the perfect scent.

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