Holkham Beach between the ears

Riding on the beach has to be on the Must Do list for most Older Riders.

Beach riding is one of the things I love to do with my horse, whether I am walking in the surf of galloping along the beach.  I love the freedom that the large beach at Holkham gives me, it’s breathtaking.

Holkham beach is one of the very few places I know of that I can really let my horse go. I have never had to pull him up at Holkham beach as my horse slow down himself as the beach is so large.

Older Riders paddling in the surf

Older Riders paddling in the surf

Paddling the horses in the surf is not only fun but is so good for the horses too. Walking horses in water is a great resistance exercise. As the horses walk in the surf they lift their legs higher than with a normal walk, powering through the water.

I like to incorporate all of that with a weekend away with friends.

Older Riders Beach Weekenders.

A Pop-up tent inside the trailer

A Pop-up tent inside the trailer

For the Riders

On an Older Riders Beach Weekender,  we stay at the beautiful Mill Farm.

Our older riders stay in their lorries, some have pop-up tents inside of their trailers, some just use sun loungers in their trailers with sleeping bags.

It’s only for two nights. You really will be fine. If camping really isn’t for you Mill Farm have a very very clean static caravan that can be hired.


For the horses

The horses can be kept in a stable with Straw or shavings there are also very well maintained paddocks, You just have to supply your own hay and short feed.

Getting to the Beech from Mill Farm is a short

If you would like to know more about our next Older Riders Fun Beach Weekenders pop over to Older Riders Events page.


Older Rider Alison’s Review:

The Older Riders Beach Weekender was one of the most relaxed horsey weekenders I have been on with great facilities. With beautiful views and village in walking distance it makes for a lovely break.

Older Riders like to eat and socialise together  this is with the usual amount of friendly chat and planning discussions for future events fuelled with the odd glass of wine and copious munchies!

Vast Beach

The beach itself is an easy quick hack along the edges of fields and a short stretch of road lead us to the beach.

I’ve not visited before Holkham beach before, I wasn’t ready for the sheer expanse of beach and sea, but it is quite unique.

My horse had a fear of water, so a lovely friend on her experienced horse lead us out in one of the water inlets in to the sea and we walked along splashing in the shallows.

The wet sand makes a great surface for a good canter back without the fear of running out of beach!


Definitely a great place to go with friends to relax, ride and blow away the cobwebs. I cant wait for the next Older Riders Weekenders.

An interesting read

I found a very interesting article in the Horse and Hound about Equine hydrotherapy covering Swimming and Watertread Mills for fitness and rehabilitation after lameness.

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